About Paul Chasman

Paul Chasman is a lifelong guitarist and composer with 20 albums to his credit. Guitar Player magazine once described his music as “a fine example of a guitarist’s devotion to the full exploration of his instrument’s capabilities.”  However, that was long ago.  Now, by day he is a mild-mannered guitar-picker posting tunes on YouTube, but when the sun sets over the metropolis, Paul puts his guitar down, hunches over his laptop and becomes: Self-Appointed Literary Champion of Truth, Justice, and the American Way!

Shortly after George W. Bush “liberated” Iraq, Paul began writing “Letters of Advice and Constructive Criticism to the Famous, the Infamous, and the Current Administration” under the alias of Carl Estrada.  He posts his letters along with the replies on his website: <www.thecarlletters.com>.  (His two most prized possessions are a letter from Dick Cheney saying, “Your comments have been duly noted,” and a hand-written letter from Chuck Heath, Sarah Palin’s dad.)

The morning after the 2004 presidential election, The Book of Bob was revealed to Paul and took form as a novel tackling the taboo issues of politics, religion, and talking dogs.  Lakshmi and the River of Truth is the long-awaited sequel to The Book of Bob.  It also features a talking dog.

Paul Chasman lives in an undisclosed location with his adored wife, Anna, two cats, and two dogs, both of whom talk, although not in English.